Hey Fashion LOVERS!!!

The title for this post says it all! Denim and Sequin!!! You can't go wrong with either one, and together they're a match made in heaven. If you remember, I had this jacket last year in olive green and when I saw the denim version I had to have it for the boutique. Today I went for a cute dress down look, as this is pretty much what you'll find me in these days. This day and time, anything spandex is my best friend! lol! These covid pounds ain't no joke ladies! (sigh) I styled the jacket with a bodycon jumpsuit and paired it with cute patent leather cut out chunk heel bootie. Switch out the bodycon once piece for a bodycon midi dress, and you have another great look. Or you can always go with a denim on denim look, and pair the jacket with some great fitting skinny/flare leg jeans. Whatever you choose, it's a WIN!!!

All of the looks described above are why I love the fall/winter season. It's so easy to look fly, with minimal effort. A good jacket and boot are all you need!

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