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Don't Call It A Comeback


Well, looky looky! Guess who’s back??!!!!

Yes I’m back ladies!! It’s the first day of fall and the perfect day to get back into the swing of things.  I know I said I was done with the boutique, but in the words of Maury Povich….THAT WAS A LIE🤥....well, kind of.  

I’m not sure about you guys but this quarantine has brought on so many emotions. Child, I’ve been happy, sad, stressed and depressed!...on REPEAT!🤦🏾‍♀️

At first I was excited about the down time, but that got old after a couple of months. Trust me the time off was needed, but I started to feel like a part of me was gone…something was missing. After much thought and reflection, I decided to come back on a much smaller scale with limited quantity. I will still be doing more blogging, but from time to time I will be selling a few pieces. My presence on Instagram will be limited, so please make sure you subscribe to my site, if you haven’t already.

So lets get down to business! Todays look is all about this top.  It’s a great transitional piece and can easily go from summer to fall. I’m not sure where you guys live, but here in Texas the temperature is a little all over the place and will be for the next month or so. Today I paired the top with faux leather leggings, but it also looks really good with a pair of denim shorts. I love how the button details are adjustable which gives you options. Just like everything else in my life, I tend to be all over the place with my style too. You can create a dramatic look by unfastening the buttons or keep it buttoned up for a more subtle look.  

Speaking of all over there place, I have also been ALL OVER THE PLACE with my hair too. I’m sure most of you can relate. I’ve gone from my pixie, to pony tails, to natural styles. I had my girl make me a new wig, wore it a week, and then got braids. After braids I went back to a pixie for 2 weeks, then finally I said F*** IT! & shaved it all off! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Right now, I’m loving it but we’ll see how long the love affair lasts.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays look & thank you so much for all of your emails, text and DM’s letting me know how much I’ve been missed. 🙏🏾

Check out the boutique for the top and to see other styling options


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Toshia Mays-Snoddy
Toshia Mays-Snoddy
Sep 26, 2020

Definitely missed you the look is magnificent thanks


Sep 22, 2020

Glad to see you back! We need to get together


Glad your back!!


Glad to see you back. Love your style! 🔥🔥


Welcome back Sista💐 You were missed!

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