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Look at your girl being all consistent in these 2023 streets....2 blog post down so far! My plan is to give you guys 2 post a week so let's keep the ball rolling!

One of my favorite things to do is mix colors, prints, and patterns. Some may find this simple and some may feel a bit overwhelmed. Those that feel overwhelmed, I always advise you to mix on a smaller scale. For example, if you're wearing solid black outfit with a leopard print shoe, you can add a black and white print bag...(black and white polka dot, stripes or zebra print)

As for me, I like to mix colors, prints and patterns at the same d@mn time! My style will never be so over the top that you're thinking "Child what tha heck is going on?!?" I feel most will be able to recreate my looks without feeling like it's too much.

Today I'm wearing a solid red dress and paired it with this yummy zebra trench jacket. I loved this red strapless midi so much that I ordered it in black too! I added another print by wearing my all time favorite shoes this SPELL ON U platforms from Jefferey Campbell. To sprinkle in a little more flavor, I completed the look with my rhinestone embellished clutch. As you can see, every color throughout my outfit is included in the details of the clutch. Not only was it a great addition, it was literally the perfect name for this look...a PARTY MIX!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the look!




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