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Valentine Vixen


Happy Valentines Day! The world on the street, is that today is a day for love....but I disagree. Everyday is a day of love! The best love you can receive is the love from YOU, to YOU! Remember....there's no special day designated for self love!

Now let's get started on todays look. You know your girl has a flair for the dramatics, so I decided to push this sexy faux wrap dress right on over the "edge".

Of course, a strappy heel. or sky high wedge would add to the sexy vibe of this dress, but these boots made it oh, so edgy! I order these stretch pants boots a while ago, and I immediately knew they would look awesome with this wrap dress. The peek-a-boo action through the high split, still gives it a super sexy look, without exposing too much skin. And, why not add this mesh beanie to the look?! It was another great addition, and fit well with my edgy ensemble. A black lippie may be too much for some, but not for me!

Click the links below to shop, and tell me what you think about todays look.

Thanks for stopping by!

Shop DRESS here

Shop BOOTS here

Shop BEANIE here


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