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Happy New Year ladies! It's a new year and I'm ready to get this party started, so let's jump right on in! I'm not sure what I like most about todays look. The boots and the jacket are so jazzy, but it's the color combo for me! The warm tones, prints, and patterns merge together perfectly. Once again, here's a perfect example of a jacket and boot taking a pair of Levis jeans to the next level. I've been eyeing this coat for a while on Amazon and decided to purchase it. They have several colors and patterns to choose from, but this one stood out the most to me. I love a "fit and flare" silhouette, because it flatters women of all shapes and sizes. Plus, the hi-lo asymmetrical hem gives me that much needed edge.

I decided to add a touch of print mixing and wore my leopard bodysuit underneath.

Last, but not least.....the booties!!! When I heard Shoe Dazzle was collaborating with another one of my favorite stylish divas, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. These booties are from the Rita Ora collection and true to her style, they are serving fly, sexy and edge. The olive green color, faux suede material, and gold chain detail really brought this look all the way together. If you decide to be come a VIP you can get these shoes today for just $10 BUCKS!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the look!

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